Research of Students’ Attitudes toward the Management Challenges at Private and State Universities


  • Ekaterine Gulua PhD in Economics, Manager of HPML, Assistant-Professor of TSU



Public universities, Private universities, Tertuary Education System, Research of Students Attitude


The research refers to the study management mechanisms of tertiary education institutions. Specifically, the research discusses management peculiarities at private and state universities, their strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The thesis examines both the challenges of teaching process management and infrastructure issues as well as the relevant legislative and normative frameworks that are the basis of the functioning of the organization. Ongoing reforms, achievements and challenges of the tertiary education system in Georgia are also reviewed in the article. Research was conducted in 2019 to analyze the above-mentioned issue in depth at one state and one private university. 342 students in total have been interviewed. The faculty of Economics and Business was selected for piloting, as almost all multi-profile private and state universities have this faculty. Focus-group Methodology was used to interview the students. 36 closed ended (multiple choice questions) and one open ended questions were included in the questioniar. We studied students’ attitude to the learning process, programs, professors’ skills, and level of students’ trust to the university, whether they believe that they will get modern knowledge and will be able to engage in the global competition after graduating from the university. During the research we were interested how fascinating was the scientific work for the students – young generation, whether they wish to become lecturers, scientists, what challenges they see along this path and in general how they appreciate their professional choices. We were interested in the attitude of the students toward the current situation in management. Do they feel bureaucratic barriers and gaps in the university governance? We were also interested in how the students value their life at the university, whether they like the university infrastructure. The study shows a very positive attitude of private university students toward their university. Quantitative and qualitative research has enabled us to identify existing challenges and develop relevant recommendations.




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Tea, Nino, & Gulua, E. (2020). Research of Students’ Attitudes toward the Management Challenges at Private and State Universities. European Journal of Social Science Education and Research, 7(1), 81–98.