Deconstruction of Gender Stereotypes Through Fashion


  • Nihan Akdemir Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, Altınbaş University, Turkey



Fashion, Gender Identity, Gender Stereotypes, Deconstruction, Gender Fluid


This research aims to investigate the role of fashion in the context of the deconstruction of gender stereotypes. Expectation of society and culture related to the biological structure of the individual carries some roles and this role also carries many gender stereotypes in it. But the individual can be use the clothing style to express his or her gender identity which may not match the expectations of the community and society. In the context of big role of the clothing, stereotypes could be deconstructed because clothes are the visible expression of gender identity of the person. And fashion is a big part of this structure because fashion is a pioneer of what people wear. Nowadays fashion has also mean about expressing identity independent of whether you were born male or female. Many fashion brands prepare their collections in the concept of ‘gender fluid’ by deconstructions. The representations of gender fluidity through fashion help bring a sense of normality to people who are trying to find the self-confidence to express who they want to be. And the results are showed that the numbers of collections about it are increasing and fashion sector takes this issue into consideration.




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Deconstruction of Gender Stereotypes Through Fashion. (2021). European Journal of Social Science Education and Research, 8(2), 10-17.