Comparative Study on the Impact of Mobile Communication System on Social Life


  • Atiqur Rahman Dept. of Mass Communication - Journalism, University of Rajshahi, Rajshahi, Bangladesh



mobile communication system, radiation, social networks, effects, addictions.


Mobile technology has a tremendous capacity to connect people. It also brought a revolutionary change in day-to-day activities and in various sectors such as entertainment, health, agriculture, employment, revenue earning and social change. It has also some negative impacts like cellphone addiction, wasting time, distraction and radiation-related health issues. This paper focuses on the impacts of mobile technology in Bangladesh perspective. Both secondary and primary data have been used to conduct this survey. The result shows that mobile phone technology and their providers make a significant contribution to GDP and directly and indirectly generated 0.80 million jobs in Bangladesh. The most important finding is young people prefer internet or social sites to television, and the duration of spending leisure in mobile phone is increased significantly whether spending time with family, reading newspaper-books decreased remarkably. Result also shows that the internet has more negative impacts on younger people than on older ones. The effect of radiation from mobile device and mobile tower, and ways to reduce its risk have been discussed in this paper.




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Ashraful Islam, & Atiqur Rahman. (2020). Comparative Study on the Impact of Mobile Communication System on Social Life. European Journal of Social Science Education and Research, 7(1), 137–148.