"Gender Game" on the Field of Russian Jurisprudence


  • Tarusina Nadezhda Nikolaevna
  • Isaeva Elena Alexandrovna




gender, equality, discrimination, trends, jurisprudence, branches of Russian law.


Equality of opportunities is the most important aspect of the general principle of equality, which is currently, received almost universal acclaim. This is one of the most fundamental principles on which democratic society is based. It is enshrined in international instruments, national constitutions and laws. However, despite significant progress in this topic, there is inequality between men and women. The article presents main study areas of the theory and practice of jurisprudence in the context of gender - with an emphasis on gender studies in specific areas of legal science; the importance of gender in the mechanism of legal regulation of social relations in the constitutional, administrative, criminal, labor, and family law, since this factor plays a more active role in these branches of Russian law and legislation. The authors come consider that ideas and solutions concerning the legal regulation of relations with the gender element are contradictory it its basis; complex, not always justified, interaction rules and practices, that include positive discrimination and gender neutralization.




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Nikolaevna, T. N., & Alexandrovna, I. E. (2015). "Gender Game" on the Field of Russian Jurisprudence. European Journal of Social Science Education and Research, 2(4), 374–378. https://doi.org/10.26417/ejser.v5i1.p380-384