Education and Social Reproduction in Schools


  • Ibrahim Kurt



education, social reproduction, schools, society,


Education is important for all structures of the society. The structures of the society mainly classes are involved and tried to be educated in places which are separated deliberately for the aims. On the other hand, from society to society the aims and also the expectation can be changed. This article tries to explain and discuss the progressing of education as a perception for individual and society. The references will be found out according to the graduates those are the products of schools in the society and the education as a system for the classes in the structure of the society. As an instrument education needs to be given thought to on and reconsidered for the individual and social perspectives. Education is one of the main factors for the social reproduction in the society. That is a nature of the societies that they want to reproduce themselves as they are. So society cannot be separated from reproduction and education. Hence, in this paper, effort was made to establish the fact that education and social reproduction are the basic tools for cultural and individual function for the society. The paper asserts that education supports and helps social reproduction as one of the factors of socialization. For many years, in this way, education has done its duty in the society as a tool with its all stages formally or informally. The paper posits that social reproduction always goes on with its tools in the society. However it can be underline that education as a tool is changed and perception on education is considered in different ways for cultural and individual functions.




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