Why Blood-Let Out Cupping Therapy is a Highly Biological Clinical Procedure


  • Abdullah M Nasrat MSc., Zaitona Medical Cupping Center, Medina, Saudi Arabia


blood-let out cupping therapy, cupping therapy, histamine release, nitric oxide, pooling of circulation, sero-clearance, skin scratching, skin suction, toxic mediators


Aim: Demonstration of the high biological value of blood-let out (BLO) cupping therapy. Review: BLO cupping therapy is defined as withdrawal of blood trapped within the tissues together with the inflammatory toxic mediators which are believed to be functionally obliged to this blood via superficial skin scratching and suction for the purpose of cure and prophylaxis. A fundamental fact in cupping therapy that has been constantly documented is the source of the removed blood during cupping procedures which is the interstitial space not the circulation meaning that it is functionless as the blood functions inside the circulation; in turn cupping therapy should include no harm, it is mandatory even for a healthy individual and that the healthy benefit of cupping therapy is definite. The principal biological benefits of cupping are sero-clearance or clearance of circulation from its undesired elements with protection towards vascular events and withdrawal of the toxic mediators thus guarding against chronic illness; both sero-clearance and withdrawal of toxic mediators are challenges which could not be achieved via any clinical measure. The mechanism in cupping is basically mediated via histamine release due to skin scratching attracting the circulation towards the cupping area and nitric oxide liberation via a shear stress effect due to repeated suction leading both to a highly selective pooling of the whole circulation within a localized sector of the capillary bed over a limited interval. Conclusion: BLO cupping therapy is a clinical procedure with huge biological benefits that could assist the outcomes of medical therapy.




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