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Aims and Scope

Key Title: European Journal of Medicine and Natural Sciences (EJMN)

EJMN is a multidisciplinary, open-access, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to recent research and studies in the field. EJMN welcomes and acknowledges recent, high-quality theoretical and empirical original research papers in the areas of  Medicine and Natural Sciences , case studies, review articles, literature reviews, book reviews, conceptual frameworks, analytical and simulation models, surveys, direct observations, person-based experiments, case studies, and systematic reviews from researchers, academicians, professional and practitioners from all over the World.

Contemporary advancement of technology in many areas made possible new methods in the Applied Medicine. Besides, our society has been introduced many new, complex elements which brought new challenges, habits and addictions. Human interference to the environment is much faster than the research done for the new health problem arisen. Climate change now is a major issue threatening public health. Therefore, Medicine cannot be thought isolated from other disciplines.  An interdisciplinary approach is required to provide multi-aspect solutions to the issues.

The topics for EJMN cover but are not limited to the following.

  • Public Health and Aging
    • health and quality of life
    • practice and policy
    • healthy aging
    • public health
  • Health and Children
    • risks in early life
    • health programming
  • Diabetes
    • complications
    • insulin resistance
  • Emergency Medicine and Disaster
    • disaster management
    • epidemiological studies
  • Environmental Health
    • epidemiology
    • biology
    • toxicology
    • bioinformatics
  • Primary Care and Family Medicine
    • primary health care
    • care system

All submitted manuscripts undergo an in-depth double-blind peer review.


The author should submit the manuscript as a Word document via the online form at the link below.


 If the authors face difficulties submitting via the online form, they can send the manuscript as an attachment via email to [email protected].

APC (Article Processing and Publishing Fee)

The journal charges a fee of €90 for processing and publishing the article.

Authors can pay the fee using one of the three methods provided on the invoice.

Open Access

The journal follows the open access policy of CC BY NC under Creative Commons attribution license v 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/).

According to this license, the content is free to download, distribute and adapt for noncommercial uses, provided appropriate attributions are made to the original article and its contributors.


The journal publishes two issues per year.

1st Issue: 30 April

The submission deadline for this issue is 28 February.

2nd Issue: 30 October

The submission deadline for this issue is 30 August.

Late submissions can be allowed by the editors depending on their schedule. The authors shall pay an additional fee of €60 for the rapid article processing charge (within two weeks after payment).

ISSN 2601-6397 (Print)
ISSN 2601-6400 (Online)

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