Current Status of Ethnobotany in Albania


  • Ani Bajrami "Research Center for Flora and Fauna, Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Tirana"


plants, traditional ecological knowledge, ethnobotany, Albania, Balkans


Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) concerning the use of plants for different purposes had survival value, are embedded in culture and considered adaptive responses to environmental challenges. Albania is known for its rich linguistic, cultural and biological diversity. Albanian flora has a high considerably number of medicinal plants and they have been extensively used albeit expressed in folk medicinal knowledge and practices. Several ethnobotanical studies and extensive fieldwork have been conducted in Albania both by local and foreign scientists. In addition, ethnobotany is experiencing a theoretical and conceptual diversification. The history of ethnobotany can be at least can be traced back in 19th century. This article aims to provide an historical and theoretical review of ethnobotany in Albania and outlines possibilities for future advancements.




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