Time Management Experience for 1st Year Students of the Faculty of Medicine


  • Rudīte Koka


time management, time planning strategies, self-discipline, effective support.


R?ga Stradi?š University (RSU) has almost 70-year-experience in implementing health care and 20-year-experience social science studies. RSU has more than 9000 students, 26% of whom are international students. Beginning of studies at R?ga Stradi?š university (RSU) Faculty of Medicine, students have to change several aspects of studies compare to high school: much deeper study content and scope of studies, type of learning, more emphasis on full-time work, practical class and lecture schedule for day, week, semester, types examinations and their regularity, new organizational culture, study year members, study course lecturers, must learn new concepts, such as matriculation, study regulations, study course, department, colloquium and others. Some students of the Faculty of Medicine do not set priorities in time and end up lacking time, do not fulfill their goals, are not satisfied with their study results, even have health problems. Therefore, time planning, selection of appropriate study strategies, setting priorities is a challenge for 1st year students and lecturers to make a pedagogical contribution to help students successfully move forward in the study process. The aim of the research is to find out the student’s opinion about time management, the set goals and their implementation and implement and test a support system at the university level.