Importance of Health Promotion and Education to Young People in Educational Institutions (Schools)


  • Genta Nallbani PhD, Sport University of Tirana, Faculty of Movenment Science, Department Medicine of Sport


words: Health education, promotion, young people, educational institutions1.


It is important that in educational institutions to develop trainings and classes with a focus on health education and the acquisition of necessary knowledge.This study aims to give a specific approach regarding the importance of health education promotion in educational institutions with a focus on educational and health-educational activities in particular based on health and which aims to increase the level of health education to learn and implement healthy behaviours.In this study were included 130 students in elementary and secondary schools aged 14-18,of whom (n=81) females and (n=49) males.The questionnaire was based on the knowledge of these students about health promotion and education as well as organizational activities related to health education by progressing in terms of the level of knowledge, attitudes and behaviours related to health.In the results of this survey was observed that a small number of them 21% had information on the promotion and development of various activities related to health. With a total of 56% women and 44% men responding that some form of activities or programs to promote public health such as posters or tasks related to certain topics have started to be developed by teachers.The lack of these activities and promotional programs requires that in the future to increase support in this direction enabling to plan in detail the development of educational and health promotional activities where the information is scientifically based and the way of communication and information is as clear and accurate as possible to have more acceptability,liking and the highest reliability.Key words: Health education, promotion, young people, educational institutions1.