Anxiety as a Personality Trait and Anxiety State, During Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic Outbreak among Adult Population


  • Nita Beluli Luma PhD Cand. Mother Teresa University, North Macedonia


anxiety, coronavirus anxiety, pandemic outbreak, mental health, anxiety disorder.


The COVID-19 outbreak has warranted a significant influence on our mental health, hence monitoring and following this issue should be a top priority to most of the researchers worldwide. It is essential to protect our mental health and to develop appropriate interventions during this global crisis. Therefore, our study aims to help our population by understanding their emotional, behavioral changes and the overall impact that the fear and insecurity from coronavirus has brought to our lives. The purpose of this study was to investigate the prevalence of anxiety as a state vs. anxiety as a personality trait and factor differences amid coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. The survey included 279 respondents, out of which 213 were females and 66 males, age range from 18 to 50 years old. For data collection we have used the ‘snowball’ sampling technique, which is an online software platform, called Survey Planet. To measure the levels of anxiety we have utilized the STAI – state- trait anxiety inventory. To analyze the data we used the SPSS 22.0. Our findings suggest that demographic factors and basic personal data, such as age, marital status, academic level, employment status etc., create the diversity among the population, with the way they experience and how they feel toward this new mental health challenge. With this research we tend to actualize the adult’s mental health and to increase the proper weight on the issue by elevating population awareness and attention toward this problem. The world is facing with a new mental health trend, therefore changes in the mental state of every person are worthy of our attention!