The Bank Digitalization in Albania Society: The Case Study BKT Bank in Albania


  • Maria Dojçe "PhD, Department of Social Science, University of “Fan S. Noli” Albania"
  • Monika Dishnica PhD cand. BKT Bank Director, Korca-Albania


technology, bank, costumer, e-banking, bank name


Based on the rapid development of technology in the last decades, the life conditions and everyday habits has changed drastically for everyone. Almost all professions are in the process of transformation, which have directly affected the entrepreneurial initiatives today, the quality of life has increased, the services as a whole have become faster, more and more in favor of the time we are living. In this context, concept of D. Bell (1973) in his work "The arrival of the post-industrial society" analyzed the economic, political and social changes that generated the change in the development of technology momentum. According to him, technological development not only transforms lifestyle, service, but also the very concept of life, sale of work, free time and social interaction (see: Bell. D., 1973: 44). On the other hand, the fact is that advanced technology has affected all sectors of life and privacy of individuals, in every society and every sector of human society and public economy. According with changes of contemporary societies, this study is focused in the impact that bank systems has in everyday life. The case study of this study, is Albanian society and the target group is BKT Bank, staff of the bank and customers as well. This is an empirical study, based in analytic-descriptive interpretation and quantitative data.