International Cooperation Combating Financial Proceeds of Crime


  • Silvana Lule Prosecutor, Tirana District Prosecution, Albania



Illicit income, Proceed of crime, Cooperation, Convention, Legal instruments, International organizations


The flow of illicit capital, into the financial circles of various states, is a serious threat to global security. To this end, an important part of the strategy to combat criminal proceeds is the coordination of work between states. Expanding investigative capacity across national borders is seen as an important factor in the success of the fight against crime. The exchange of information, between law enforcement agencies in different states, is one of the most effective policies for financial investigations aimed at tracking the proceeds of crime. This case, should be approciated in two aspects. On the one hand, it is necessary to adopt direct and at the same time joint interventions, to detect and monitor the movement of money or capital outside their borders. On the other hand, the conditions must be provided for an appropriate use of information and without hindering the movement of legal capital. The necessity of a common criminal policy, to deprive criminals of the proceeds of crime and the instruments for their commission, is clearly emphasized by international acts in this field. They encourage the widest possible cooperation between states for the purpose of investigating and prosecuting criminal assets.