Risk Responsiveness Based Organizational Change Management


  • Tamás Kozák Ph.D, Budapest Business School




organizational development, change management, strategy, project, risk


Risk management, and in particular, risk analysis is a dynamically developing area of strategy management. Its necessity is validated by several business strategies, or rather by the failure of their execution. Besides the exploration and prognosis of uncertainties originating from the outer environment and the inner operation, the role of risk management in strategy management — including organization development — is to make these uncertainties calculable, and to compose action plans to avoid or reduce the occurrent negative effects. In terms of risk analysis it is analysis which types of change management actions are matching with environment and internal resources and capabilities.In the paper it is examined how the company strategy and operational environment determine the effectiveness of organizational development philosophies, and culture, size, profile, partnership of the enterprise. Based on diagnoses is proposed an optimal organizational development goals helping the successful change management.