Options for Overcoming Seasonality in Bulgarian Tourism


  • Elenita Velikova Assoc. Prof. Dr. Elenita , Department “Economics of tourism”University of National and World Economy, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Svetla Tzvetkova




tourism, economic development, seasonality, alternative tourism, decisions, event tourism.


For the longest time tourism has been an economic and social phenomenon in the everyday life of hundreds of millions of people. Not only does it encompass their free movement, it is also an essential form of utilizing spare time and a primary means of creating connections between them – for political, economic and cultural contacts. Additionally, tourism is one of the main factors that improve people’s quality of life. For these reasons, over the past few decades its size has increased significantly and its scope of influence continues to expand. Data from recent years has indicated an unprecedented growth in the number of travels, profits, tourism objects and jobs. The economic significance and development of tourism predetermines the topicality of the investigated problem. In view of the establishment of the primary parameters of this development, the object of study is the tourist industry worldwide and in Bulgaria, and the subject of analysis will be the options for overcoming seasonality. Determining the significance of tourism for Bulgarian economy gives us reasons to presume that the discovery of effective mechanisms for minimizing seasonality will further expand the role of the tourist industry.