Instagram, Facebook or Twitter: Which Engages Best? A Comparative Study of Consumer Brand Engagement and Social Commerce Purchase Intention


  • İbrahim Kırcova Yıldız Technical University
  • Yılmaz Yaman
  • Şirin Gizem Köse



Consumer Brand Engagement, Social Commerce, Social Media Marketing


Social media networks compete with each other, and they make an effort to increase their number of users while at the same time trying to create engagement. That is because a social media brand with high engagement creates high commitment and that leads to satisfying its business partners. This also increases the social commerce through that social media brand. Social commerce is defined as the commercial activities through social media channels, and it is a subdimension of online commerce. The new realities increased the interest towards social commerce through social networks and made it valuable to explore for both practical and academic environments. This study aims to investigate social media engagement regarding social media networks and explore the relationship between social media engagement and social commerce purchase intention. In the light of these objectives, a survey was conducted to collect the data and shared through social media networks. Hypotheses in the research were analyzed by using independent samples t-test, one-way ANOVA, Pearson correlation, and multiple regressions. Results showed social media networks differ according to consumer brand engagement. Also, consumer brand engagement differs according to age, education level, and income level. Another result proves that consumer brand engagement differs according to social media usage frequency and time spent using social media. Furthermore, social commerce purchase intention differs according to the social media networks. Finally, the study found that there is a positive relationship between consumer brand engagement and social commerce purchase intention.