The Impact of Product Exposure as a Key Element of Sales Promotion


  • Shaip Bytyçi Faculty of Economics, University AAB, Kosove



Marketing, Merchandising-Exposure, Consumer


Nowadays economy is characterized by a freemarket. Business and economic activities in general are exclusively related to the market. There are two main mechanismsas drivenforces in the market such us (i) demand and(ii) supply. Demand is on the market, ie, consumers (individual, family, enterprise). Meanwhile, the offer is formed in the enterprise, for the purpose of meeting any customer requirements. The greatest help for the functioning of supply and demand mechanisms in the market is given by the marketing discipline. Marketing in the quality of economic science is the bridge between the enterprise and the market using its own tool such us sale. Sellingis a way of communication between buyers and sellers, often a face-to-face confrontation designed to influence the decision of a group of people or a single person to make a purchase. The Merchandising-exposure of the products are the activities that improve product commercialization, the purpose of which is to attract customerattention to the product when the customer is located in the place of sale.