Economic Transition Process and Kosovo Pension Reform System


  • Nexhmedin Shaqiri European University of Tirana- TiranĂ«



economic transition, economic freedom, property, market, state, reform the pension system, self sustainability.


This article aims to study the Kosovo economic transition process and its impact on the Pension system reform. The study will focus on; model of new economic building system (market liberalization, economic recovery, the concept of entrepreneurship development, system integration of economic trends in the global economy, privatization and transformation of property, social welfare, social justice), etc. During this study different theories on the transition process in the economy will be used, as well as theories on reforming the pension system in the world, which affirm the sustainability of the construction of the new economic and pension system. Methods used will serve to draw relevant conclusions as follow; heuristic, descriptive, historical, comparative, statistical. The hypothesis of this study is, "Impact of the economic reform system in Kosovo and its results in the construction of the new sustainable pension system model." Through this study conceptual changes to the economic system will be put forward, dealing with socialist and liberal philosophy, as different concepts of economic development, the role of the state or the market as a regulator of the economic system. In particular, attention is paid to the new pension system in Kosovo; the causes for reform of the pension system, reforming the pension system, the basic goals of the reform of the pension system, the types of pensions systems in the world, the conceptual basis of the construction of the pension system in Kosovo, the principles of the reform of the pension system, the regulatory framework of the new pension system in Kosovo, advantages and challenges of multi pillar pension system model, the model used for Kosovo's pension system, pension schemes in Kosovo, the efficiency of the new pension system in Kosovo, comparing the new pension system in Kosovo with pension systems of other countries in the region.