The Impact of Brand Name on Consumers, Case of Bosnia and Herzegovina


  • Agim Mamuti



Brand name, Products, Promotion, Profitability, Consumers


Brand name is important for every company and every product, because the more people know about one product the more it will be sold. This paper will deal with the brand management and its impact on the consumer’s behavior and society in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A survey is conducted about the brand name products in domestic correspondents via the internet. The results of the survey will show how big the impact of brand name products on the society and market is, and what are their positive and negative sides. The data which is used is primary data and its source is a survey which had 76 respondents from different cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The primary focus groups were people between the ages of 20 to 35, because the main focus of advertisements is on them. The collected data is numerical except of the demographic data. The Seven point Likert scale was used in order to get the agreements of correspondents over six variables and twenty eight questions. The collected data were analyzed through statistical formulas to get the most accurate results.