Analysis of Ismail Kadare Prose Prospects Under the Optics of V. L. Propp


  • Dhurata Lamcja PhD, European Scientific Institute



poetics, literature, Propp analysis, Ismail Kadare, communist literature


When it comes to Albanian and Balkan literature, Ismail Kadare is undoubtedly one of the figures of the greatest importance for the development of modern literature, while reviving the elements of folklore lost in the empty communist literature. Kadare's work matters beyond the technical elements, the use of words, flow, and themes, for the important role he played with his silent attempt to reawaken the hope for freedom, through the hidden literary figures in his work. On the other hand, his contribution to literature comes as a result of his mastery to bring a new and modern spirit to literature, using motifs and figures used for centuries in Albanian folklore but wrapped in stories and characters of placed at different times from popular literature. Certainly, the inclusion of folkloric elements such as the taking of motifs and themes from old Albanian tales and legends leaves room to suggest the analysis of his work under the optics of Propp analysis, as a novelty in the analysis of the work of Balkan authors that share features similar to Kadare.




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Lamcja, D. (2022). Analysis of Ismail Kadare Prose Prospects Under the Optics of V. L. Propp. European Journal of Social Science Education and Research, 9(2s), 75–93.