Winning Prescription Without Title of State Property


  • Brunela Kullolli Ph.D Lecturer “Aleksander Moisiu” University of Durres Faculty of Political Sciences and Law



winning, prescription, state, property


This paper is a study on the winning prescription without the title of state property, which is in itself one of the first ways of acquisition of property according to Albanian legislation. The project of this topic is the analysis of the practical implementation of the institute of winning prescription without the title of state property. From the comprehensive treatment made in practice regarding the procedural and material aspects of this institute, the issues raised for analysis are related to resolving the issue of whether state property is an item capable of being acquired by winning prescription and whether the issuance of laws and bylaws will be considered cause for termination of the statute of limitations. Seeing in full the legislation in force in the Republic of Albania, as well as the spirit of this special legislation in the field of property and and wealth real estate.State property is considered an impossible object to be acquired by winning prescription, as long as they do not meet the legal criteria for their transfer to private ownership entities..The plaintiff must prove that the lawsuit is directed against the person who was the owner until the conditions of the winning prescription are met.




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Kullolli, B. (2022). Winning Prescription Without Title of State Property. European Journal of Social Science Education and Research, 9(2s), 62–74.