Different Areas of Social Life and Their Access During and Post Covid-19


  • Blerina Muskaj University Aleksander Moisiu of Durres, Albania




technology, Corona- Virus, New World Order


Corona-virus 19 has managed to penetrate and completely change the approach of society, thus further developing technology and giving way to the internet. The problem that arises in this paper is the technology and the inclusion of the lives of individuals in this new system of communication and action. Based on the qualitative scientific method we will seek to examine the reality of applied communication theories. The developed topic itself requires a special and dedicated research. Society is always evolving and its adaptation to socio-technological changes is required, with the advent of Corona-Virus 19 in all spheres of life. The Internet and technology are seen at this stage as the best problematic solution to not paralyze every sphere of life from daily activities, as if this were to happen we would be in a total social and global chaos. In the end, the question arises if we are ready (as a global population) to live with technology and this world order where big governments and international organizations (eg the Health Organization) are taking us and offering us?




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Muskaj, B. (2022). Different Areas of Social Life and Their Access During and Post Covid-19. European Journal of Social Science Education and Research, 9(2s), 19–28. https://doi.org/10.26417/477wgy96