Cybersecurity Awareness in Albania


  • Elvana Moci Phd Candidate, University of Tirana, Faculty of Economy



Cybersecurity, Cybercrime, cyber awareness, Covid 19


The risk of a cyber-attack exist for every business. When a Manager of C level is in front of a cyber-attack or data breach, they begin to worry more about their vulnerabilities in the technology they use rather then about their employees. Creating a risk-aware culture in their workplace is the best way for managers of any level to fight this threat. Cyber security awareness is the way how to start this culture at work. The goal of this study is to measure the cyber security awareness of professionals in businesses in Albania, i.e. to verify specialists or managers have knowledge and understanding of basic cyber security threats. The survey consisted of 16 single and multiple-choice questions divided into three parts. The results categorized the respondents and measured the level of cyber security awareness. The results show an unsatisfactory level of knowledge regarding information security in Albania. The main conclusion drawn from the survey is that the quality of cyber security training among professionals should be improved and frequency of the trainings should be increased. With the pandemic situation caused from the Covid- 19 virus , many worker are working from home. This increase the chances that cyberattack. This is why cybersecurity awareness and training it is needed for the companies to avoid as much as possible the risk of cyberattack.




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Moci, E. (2021). Cybersecurity Awareness in Albania. European Journal of Social Science Education and Research, 8(3), 112–117.