The Relationship Between the Language of Tourism, Tourism and Sociology


  • Silvia Blanca Irimiea



the language of tourism, specialized language, the sociology of tourism, language and sociology, the relationship language of tourism-tourism-sociology


The unprecedented development of all areas of human concern, in particular the growth of tourism as a central and global phenomenon has drawn the researchers’ attention to tourism and the investigative potential of the language used in tourism. This paper discusses the ways in which the English language relates to tourism and sociology, laying particular emphasis on the role language plays in revealing much about how tourism operates, how perceptions, identities are formed and, henceforth, how tourism as a system depends on the use of language. The article is grounded in the seminal works of Dann, G.M. (1996, 1996a, 2012; Mesthrie, R. Swann, J, et al., 2000; Cohen, D. 1984; Dann, G.M. and Cohen, E., 1996, 2001; Thurlow and Jaworsky, 2003; Fox, 2008) and their views on the sociological aspects of the language of tourism.




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Irimiea, S. B. (2018). The Relationship Between the Language of Tourism, Tourism and Sociology. European Journal of Social Science Education and Research, 5(2), 128–141.