The Necessity of Formation and Transformation of Principals


  • Magdalini Vampa University "Fan S. Noli", Korce



educational leadership, leadership formation, educational leaders, school principals


Nowadays, it is quite evident how the "age of information" is causing the school to lose its privileged role towards knowledge and its distribution. Paradoxically, the targeted decentralization of the education system - at the same time -is accompanied by the tightening of centralized control mechanisms. This is applied through the "action" of national testing, increasing demands for performance, professional and scientific competencies.In this context, the world of the educational leader is seen as one of increasing change, complexity, diversity, and intensity. It has also been portrayed as a world of great responsibility. The growing importance of educational leadership and management is evidenced not only by reference to the increase number of research on the leadership in education, but also to the increasing preparedness of governments to invest in the leadership of the education system.Information Technology has influenced the outbreak of ideas – somehow confusing approaches and policies related to borrowed or copied models – that have caused a diffusion of ideas in this field. Some quality issues in literature, the way of selecting (appointing) leaders in education, as well as the job training or organized training formats, will be addressed in this study.The purpose of this study, is to present the need for training leaders – the development and transformation to achieve leadership effectiveness – and to recommend some forms and methods to complete the leader’s formation.Regardless of whether a subject, will graduate at a university or get certified at a training from a licensed institution, there is a common challenge to be addressed: what is the necessary set of knowledge, skills, values attitudes and competencies, that each program should address on the formation of educational leaders.




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