Kosovo Political Party Attitudes Towards European Integration


  • Dritero Arifi PhD Professor (Ass.) at ILIRIA College, Prishtina. Republic of Kosovo, Faculty of International Relations and Diplomacy




Kosovo, Political Parties, program policy, European integration, society transformation


Presentation of different party / program standpoints by political parties in the political scene during the mankind history has influenced the fact that the political parties have played an irreplaceable role in the establishment of democracy. In this article we will discuss the empirical validity of the views of Kosovar political parties in relation to the process of European integration, because party attitudes can often be transformed into state attitudes. In order to give an answer to this complex phenomenon, qualitative methods such as content and document analysis and interviews will be used in order to gather and analyze the data found. The findings of this article are very significant because, based on the analysis of party documents and the responses received from the interviews, we can conclude that the views of Kosovar political parties have not only prioritized European integration but also linked them with the idea of functioning of a modern state. In this regard, the importance of this research is related to the facts and a realistic situation to understand the complexity and the importance of the integration and transformation processes. In this context, the views of Kosovar political parties go beyond the themes of European integrations, they actually link this concept to a much wider dimension of social transformation, because it includes fundamental democratic values. In this form, by such standpoints, political parties transmit to Kosovo society an interethnic and religious awareness and tolerance.




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Fjolle, & Arifi, D. (2018). Kosovo Political Party Attitudes Towards European Integration. European Journal of Social Science Education and Research, 5(1), 142–149. https://doi.org/10.26417/ejser.v12i1.p150-157