The Use of Information and Communication Technologies in Education


  • Arti Omeri Department of English Language and Literature, Faculty of Philology and Education, Bedër University, Tirana, Albania



Information and Communication technology, internet, Computer, Videoconferencing, Education system.


The technology is developing very fast in all aspects of life. Information and Communication Technologies as part of it are being introduced with a high impact in the lives of human beings. As a result they also play an important role in education. This research is focused on new communication technologies in education as it is a highly discussed topic nowadays. Then the most modern literature on the topic was analyzed. After reviewing the literature and giving credit to main theories, a questionnaire was conducted in three universities in Albania. Firstly it was conducted at two state universities in Tirana and Elbasan. Then it was conducted at a private university that uses the most modern technology in teaching. The questionnaire included both open ended and closed ended questions. Being a lecturer in two out of these three universities gave me the possibility to conduct the survey personally without much difficulty and in a relatively short period. These universities were chosen in order to evaluate the importance of using Information and Communication Technologies in education. Also it was very interesting to compare the benefits of using such technologies. Although all three universities are located in the same country the inequalities are easily visible. At the end of the study there are given suggestions in order to find the ways to improve the education system through using Information and Communication Technologies.




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Omeri, A. (2017). The Use of Information and Communication Technologies in Education. European Journal of Social Science Education and Research, 4(4s), 390–393.