Re-Thinking the Very Concept of Peace


  • Arben Haxhiymeri University “A. Xhuvani”, Elbasan, Albania



peace, war, pacifistic and anti-bellicistic theory, war philosophies


The appreciation of Peace, the promotion of its values, and the efforts for its attainment as the only way to cope with horrifyingly destructive dimensions of the war we are facing with on a daily basis since so many long years all across the world urges nowadays to the extreme. This necessity appears to such an extent, and with such intensity, as to having been transformed more than ever in one of the most dominant catchphrases of political, social, intellectual and practical discourses of our violent times, a ubiquitous topic within universities, governments, civil societies and other non-governmental organizations and institutions. There are large pacifist movements which are facing off ever more actively against the war. There is also an ever more active engagement of many intellectuals and artists poised to face off against the hawkish and bellicose aesthetics we were facing with up to last two or three decades in most Western countries by a constructive bolstering and promotion of a peaceable and pacifistic aesthetics. By the 1970s the new discipline of peace studies, embracing the history and philosophy of peace, was well establish. Since 1980 there is even a university dedicated to Peace studies, the United Nations mandated “University for Peace”, with its main campus in Costa Rica, which is launching its programs and establishing its centers around the world. About 30 years ago will faced and will be very active well known the CPP, Concerned Philosophers for Peace is the largest, most active organization of professional philosophers in North American involved in the analysis of the causes of violence and prospects for peace. And, many philosophers and thinkers are engaged in the international peace dialog and a large number of separated initiatives that have involving a significant number and pages of essays and conferences on philosophy of war and on the Philosophy of Peace, too.




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