International Terrorism Challenge of Time


  • Dr. Adrian LEKA ‘’Luigj Gurakuqi’’ UniversityFaculty of Law



International Terrorism Challenge of Time.


Through this paper, I do not aim to reflect and explain everything as it is more widespread than what it is thought, but what I want to convey is terrorism as a criminal act of the highest form and barbarism, once and for all should be identified so it can be combated. The fight against crime, undoubtedly constitutes one of the greatest challenges faced by today's society. Terrorism is a form of equally young and old crime manifested in different forms which today poses a threat to global security. The phenomenon of terrorism has become a major concern of the international community and countries around the world. Terrorism flies and stems like waves, at some point collides brutally with our lives and then withdraws by hiding as if nothing had ever existed, to strengthen and then hit again. Conflicts and wars have followed humanity from antiquity to the present day. One of the global challenges in the present time is international terrorism. Currently there are many social and forensic sciences who study terrorism as criminology, penology, global sociology, conflict sociology, religious sociology, political science etc. After Sept. 11, international terrorism became the central theme in the context of security and world peace. Border control was increased. The Americans experienced the feeling that everything they had been building for years was destroyed overnight. More and more today, we hear about terrorist acts. It is impossible to browse the newspaper and not find something that has no content for terrorism. These are modest reasons and incentives to explore and reflect on international terrorism as a real tendency to resist. However, it appears that international terrorism has reached multidimensional dimensions, it includes terrorist behaviors, causes and reasons for the occurrence of terrorist acts, the social context in which they may arise, research methodology of terrorism recognition, how to prevent and control terrorist acts, etc. Despite the commitment that I have indicated, I am aware that I have not been able to touch all the nuances of international terrorism, so all suggestions are welcome.




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