Do We Need Surrealism Nowadays?


  • Maklena Nika Department of Greek Language, Faculty of Foreign Languages, University of Tirana, Albania



Surrealism, Nowadays


Even though 90 years have already passed form the First Surrealism Manifest (1924) of Andre Breton, it seems as if surrealism is still actual and tangible even nowadays. If we study it deeply theoretically, it is obvious that it is necessary in the century we are living. The surrealists’ human commitment becomes more attractive in an époque that is becoming materialistic day by day, in a society that hands in its fate to science and technology and in an environment which is getting more and more hostile every day. In this framework, surrealism is perceived neither as a “dogma” nor as a closed philosophical system, but as an open and adapted thought and life confrontation “method”. It has got a relieving effect which makes people co-communicate among each other; people of all the nationalities who gather around a common inspiration. It unifies the past with the present; it engraves the boulevard of the future, offering new and unknown opportunities to anyone.




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