Patriotism in The Work for Children by Olivera Nikolova


  • Jovanka Denkova



children’s literature, Olivera Nikolova, patriotism.


This paper examines the work of one of the most famous Macedonian writers for children and adults, Olivera Nikolova. Her work is really impressive, especially one intended for children. The paper will particularly pay attention to the patriotic theme in the work of Nikolova, which emphasis will be put on two of her works, "The secret of the yellow suitcase" and "Rosica's Dolls." The purpose of the paper is to discover and paint the context of the child and the young girl in the midst of war, trauma to survive, the consequences arising from them, and how these female characters work tirelessly with all this.




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Denkova, J. (2015). Patriotism in The Work for Children by Olivera Nikolova. European Journal of Social Science Education and Research, 2(4), 508–511.