The Impacts of Turkish TV Serials Broadcasted in Albania on Albanian and Turkish Relations


  • Adem Balaban



Turkish TV serials, culture, Albania, relationship, destination, language, commerce, education


Films and TV series are important means in transferring one nation's values to other nations. In recent years, Turkish TV series have been broadcasted in the Middle East and the Balkans. They are also very popular in Albania. These TV series play a role in presenting Turkey, the Turkish culture and the language in these regions. Turkish culture through these TV series has an impact on the culture of these regions and transfers some cultural values to the cultures of these countries. In Albania, around 10 Turkish soap operas have been broadcasted such as: "Silver, Ezel, Karadayi, Suleiman the Magnificent". These TV series that people are very interested in are highly rated and that is increasing day by day. Turkish cultural values in these series have an effect on Albanians. In this study, the impacts of Turkish culture in these series, on the Albanians and Albanian culture are investigated. It is also discussed the cultural dimension of TV series besides the political, commercial and educational dimensions. Our study is based on a survey; a questionnaire consisting of 17 questions was conducted in Tirana, capital city of Albania. The answers are evaluated and analyzed in terms of cultural, political and commercial and educational dimensions. This study is important in terms of revealing Turkish culture and its impacts in Albania, the role of this series and the evolving relationship of the two nations.




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Balaban, A. (2015). The Impacts of Turkish TV Serials Broadcasted in Albania on Albanian and Turkish Relations. European Journal of Social Science Education and Research, 2(4), 466–489.