Albanian EFL Teachers’ Perceptions of the Role of Grammar Instruction in EFL Learning


  • Enriketa Söğütlü



EFL learning, grammar, grammar instruction, teachers’ perceptions


The role of grammar knowledge and the contribution it makes to foreign/second language learning has been one of the most hotly debated issues in language research. Studies and findings in the field have revealed that after a relatively long period of exaggerated underestimate, grammar stands now where it should. Various theories of learning have caused theories of language learning to emerge, which on their part have had a strong influence on language teachers regarding the strategies they adopt, develop and implement in their classroom practices. This paper attempts to explore some Albanian EFL teachers’ perceptions and beliefs on the role grammar knowledge and grammar instruction play in their students’ EFL learning. It also aims to investigate how these teachers’ attitudes influence their classroom practices of grammar instruction and grammar related activities. Since hardly any research on the issue has been conducted in Albania, this study may also serve as an incentive for further large-scale research, which might offer suggestions for improvement in EFL teaching strategies and expectations in Albania.




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Söğütlü, E. (2015). Albanian EFL Teachers’ Perceptions of the Role of Grammar Instruction in EFL Learning. European Journal of Social Science Education and Research, 2(4), 427–437.