Domestic Crime – A Sociological Analysis


  • Valbona Muça



domestic violence, sociological, society, jealousy.


After ‘90 years we have often heard and read in social networks for different cases of domestic violence, which in most cases have ended with the murder of one of the couple. Mostly, women are victims of domestic violence. Murder cases have increased, where parents murder their child or the opposite. Different researchers and as a sociologist, psychologist and criminologist or have attempted to study the nature of crime in the Albanian family, have given their opinions to explain the increase of crimes. This article will reflect an explanation of the causes of factors leading to crime to one spouse. It also reflects the way in which treated and protected by law, which in different societies treatments are different laws. Crimes in pairs which can occur because of jealousy, passion or for crimes for honor issues are not peculiar only in Albanian society but are prevalent in all societies.




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Muça, V. (2015). Domestic Crime – A Sociological Analysis. European Journal of Social Science Education and Research, 2(4), 353–358.