The Process of Learning and the Basic Mathematical Concepts Difference through Creative Activities


  • Dritan Ceka



Mathematics, mathematical concepts, learning, creative activities


During my professional experience with pupils of the first grade, I have come across a problem that has been annoying me so far even now that I am still working with these pupils. This problem consist of the difficulties that pupils of the elementary school are having with different math mathematical concepts such as assembles, discounts, sends down the change, the first factor, the second factor, the production, the apportioning, divisor and quotient. Taking in the consideration this problem, I have found out through internet many activities and methods that have helped me to solve this kind of problem. I have also received information such as the experience of teachers in case and I used some creative activities I thought to meet the needs of students regarding this issue. Trying to review the available literature on this issue, I observed that the main problem lies in the manner of a mathematics lesson. Often students are required to learn mathematical procedures, rules and definitions not know why they do such a thing. They do not always manage to understand phrases, words and mathematical symbols mechanically often than so different logical mathematical actions. Many exercises performed by students are being learned without knowing that they will really serve them one day in their practical life. And by they are not being offered the opportunity to work by exploring different materials suitable for their age. In most of our schools unfortunately still looks at mathematics as a subject taught with pencil and paper and students remain missing in the world of numbers and mathematical expressions. This issue has motivated me to examine exactly this issue and try to enable students in learning basic concepts and mathematical difference as it will help you to solve problems and different mathematical operations.




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