Innovation Journalism: The New Way of the Media Developmen


  • Madina Bulatova
  • Ayazbi Beysenkulov



innovation journalism, electronic media, media market, digital technology, online journalism.


The article is dedicated to the innovative journalism, directed to incorporation of the media in the innovation process in order to highlight and explain the essence of intellectual economy, the consequence of which is the increasement of essence of innovation understandingin society. The formation of innovative economy in the world in the second half of the XX century caused the emergence of a unique communication area: between the scientific community, business and government. The main purpose of communication is to organize dialogue between all participants of the innovation space, promotion of innovation as a key factor for sustainable development of competitive state and society.The dynamic development of the social, scientific and technical and economic sphere, the emergence of the new knowledge and technology on the same level with the increasement of the information flow modifies journalism. Even today, scholars fix signs of the restructuring media-information space on a planetary scale, which is connected with the global competition between traditional and online media. Such competition leads to a series of epochal changes in the activities of international and national newspapers and magazines, radio and television, news agencies and the press centers. Undoubtedly, all these factors contribute to the emergence and the development of innovation journalism, which in many ways is more multifaceted than its traditional counterpart.




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Bulatova, M., & Beysenkulov, A. (2015). Innovation Journalism: The New Way of the Media Developmen. European Journal of Social Science Education and Research, 2(4), 291–296.