The Effect of Formative Assessment on Students' Success


  • Besarta Zhaku Kondri



formative assessment, students’ success, English language, primary school


Assessment is an important part of teaching and learning process. Moreover, it is a dynamic process which changes continuously. Formative assessment is a part of the assessment process in general. This paper studies the effect of formative assessment in students’ success. This study took place in the primary school Nuri Mazari, Struga, Macedonia. In the study participated 115 students who learn English as a foreign language. They are not the same grade, they are sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth grade students. The participants will be divided into two groups based on their gender. In order to see the effect of formative assessment, students' success before the application of formative assessment will be compared with their success after the application of formative assessment. After the first month, the teacher will take notes about the students’ grades, which will be considered as initial data for this study, during the next two months, the teacher will apply the formative assessment. Then, the teacher will give them a final grade based on students’ success during the application of formative assessment. The difference in students' grades before and after the study took place makes the effect of formative assessment more obvious. The data gathered in this study will be analyzed with SPSS program.




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Kondri, B. Z. (2015). The Effect of Formative Assessment on Students’ Success. European Journal of Social Science Education and Research, 2(4), 210–218.