Media in the Education of Children


  • Rovena Elmazi
  • Ledina Koci



Media, TV space, education of children, sports discipline, orientation


Nowadays media has developed broadly and it consists of several television networks, press, radio, etc. On the one side, such media development has positive impact, but on the other side, it has negative impact which affects education and formation of new generations. As a basketballer and trainer of young ages I will focus in the role of media in the education of children from the sports point of view. Technological and economic development after the ‘90s brought with it a new approach: - unequal broadcasting of television programmes for all the sports disciplines, because in our country, for economic interests, only football is covered and such abuse goes to the point of using the term “sports news” and the only news is about football, or even Albanian sports newspaper in which the only information is about football. Wouldn’t it be better to say “Albanian football” instead?! The contrary one finds in the “Albanian sports” which pages cover all sports. Moreover, such phenomenon has negative impact on the education of generations that increasing are dreaming about football, spend money about football, avoid other alternatives thinking that football is the only way to have a luxury living, being rich and famous.




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Elmazi, R., & Ledina Koci. (2015). Media in the Education of Children. European Journal of Social Science Education and Research, 2(4), 183–187.