Friendly Relationships among Youths


  • Alma Vögeli
  • Ada Ruçi



Relationships, Youths, invest, inters


This study will be focused on a very important social relationship that is friendship. Humans are social being and are born to be socialized with others. Isolation and solitude is not its characteristic. Friendship refers to a close and personal relationship, the care with its attributes such as: reciprocity, common choices, trust, openness and loyalty. Circumstances affect the types of friendship at youth age or early adulthood. (Adams and Blieszner, 1996). Friendly relationships in high school are based upon interests is the hypothesis this study will be based on.Subjects that will be part of this study are youths. The study is conducted among students of the State University of Tirana. 50 percent of selected subjects study at social-oriented departments and the other 50 percent study at science-oriented departments. The selected methodology is quantitative. The type of systematic randomized sampling is used on this study. The hypothesis this study was based on resulted to be true. The study proved that friendships at faculty are based upon interests. The primary interest where the friendship relationships are based includes interests related directly to school. The main subjects resulted to be the free time spent together and doing the homework together. The females resulted to be more sociable, as the major number of students has mostly female friends within their close friendship circle. Students socialize with individuals that meet their economic state, expectations in school grades and personal characteristics. Reciprocity in friendship relationships while at faculty is very important and males value it more than females.




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Vögeli, A., & Ada Ruçi. (2015). Friendly Relationships among Youths. European Journal of Social Science Education and Research, 2(4), 40–43.