Images and Gender Role Development of Filipino Women on Selected Short Stories


  • Susan D. Tiangson M.A Ed.Pangasinan State University - Lingayen Campus, Lingayen , Pangasinan, Philippines



Gender Role development, Images, Short Stories


The study focused on the different images depicted by Filipino women in selected short stories as well as the influence of these images to gender role development. The five images are the willing victim, the dutiful wife, the furious and resentful daughter, the protective mother and the selfless mother. The gender role developments on women embodied in the selected stories are the career woman, the vigilant mother, and the single mother. Women who are single parents, empowered women, and warriors and accomplished women are confirmations of gender role developments evident in the present society. The researcher concludes that many women in contemporary society exemplify gender role development. The single parent performing the dual role of a mother and a father, the empowered women who are leaders and warriors of the nation and the accomplished women who are professionals in their chosen careers. The gender role developments show the evolution of women as they raise themselves from the traditional world the patriarchal society has cloaked them. It is recommended that Students shall read other stories to discover other images and gender role developments of Filipino Women. Women should take advantage of the opportunities to obtain higher education and appreciation of Filipino contemporary short stories should be more enriched for a better understanding of the images and the gender role development of Filipino Women.




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D. Tiangson, S. (2018). Images and Gender Role Development of Filipino Women on Selected Short Stories. European Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies, 3(1), 144–154.