Intercultural Business Management Development and Education Programs in Business Schools


  • José G. Vargas-Hernández M.B.A. PhD. University Center for economic and Managerial Sciences. University of Guadalajara, Periférico, Norte 799 Edif. G201-7. Núcleo Universitario Los Belenes, Zapopan, Jalisco, 45100, México



Intercultural organizational, strategic, cultural, organizational intercultural capital.


This paper aims to reflect on the management of organizational intercultural relations under the analysis of trends in the evolutionary development of organizations. It is questioned whether business schools are doing the right approach to teach, research, train and consulting on multiculturalism to harmonize the principles of cultural diversity that are more than an ethnocentric orientation, monocultural or multiculturalism with universal ethical principles. The method used to analyze the phenomenon of organizational multiculturalism is based on the understanding of the interrelationships in the cultural diversity of individuals interacting in concert to achieve common goals. The work also underpins some analysis principles of the creation, development and management of organizational intercultural capital, and they are characterized to raise some assumptions of organizational multiculturalism. Finally, the emergence of a model of strategic management of organizational interculturalism focused on learning and training for proper operationalization and implementation is proposed, and some challenges and proposals are formulated.




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Dr. Alfonso, & Vargas-Hernández, J. G. (2018). Intercultural Business Management Development and Education Programs in Business Schools. European Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies, 3(1), 105–121.