Awareness of Individuals and Businesses in Albania for Sustainable Development


  • Irma SHYLE Department of Production and Management, Polytechnic University of Tirana, Albania



sustainable development, awareness, companies, students, Albania, implementation


The concept of sustainable development is being used and is often heard every day. Sustainable development is not a problem only for developed countries, but to the entire world. This concept, among others, is linked with the term sustainable business. Sustainable business is considered a business which operates in the market taking into account and respecting the interests of all stakeholders, in order to ensure a healthy long term business. So this concept is direct connected to the system: economic, social and environmental. With the growth of international trade is increased the number of industrialized nations and as a result is increased the amount of pollution. Many issues that significantly influence the sustainable development are neglecting national and international boundaries. Pollution, inflation, exchange rates, unemployment, macroeconomic policies, conflicts and health issues that occur anywhere in the world can cause problems for business sustainability. Awareness of individuals and businesses worldwide, about the impact they have on the environment is growing. The aim of this work is to highlight the level of knowledge and awareness that people and businesses have about sustainable business and its implementation Paper treats specifically the case of Albania on sustainable development based on a questionnaire respectively directed the students of the Polytechnic University of Tirana and in a questionnaire addressed some businesses in Tirana. The achieved results are important because they show low levels of knowledge by students and businesses to the concepts of sustainable development and the need for measures to improve this situation in the future.




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SHYLE, I. (2018). Awareness of Individuals and Businesses in Albania for Sustainable Development. European Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies, 3(1), 46–54.