Educational Inclusion in Brazil: a Challenge for Higher Education


  • Fernanda Galdino da Silva Professor at the State University of Goiás - Jaraguá Campus



educational inclusion, higher education, specific educational needs, physical limitations.1 –


The objective of the present work is to discuss about the processes of inclusion of students with specific educational needs in higher education, as well as to indicate the pedagogical aspects and challenges faced by these institutions in the process of inclusion, thus clarifying, the obstacles involved in the teaching learning process in the academic field. This article also exposes as from a bibliographical research the structure of higher education in Brazil, the discussions on educational inclusion and how this issue is handled by universities. In addition, it was emphasized the extreme relevance of public policies, of academic discussions, of analysis of the curricular structure to fill the needs of the inclusive perspective.




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Silva, F. G. da. (2018). Educational Inclusion in Brazil: a Challenge for Higher Education. European Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies, 3(1), 16–20.