Gender and Its Representation in Contemporary Arts


  • Nihan Akdemir Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, Altinbas University



Gender, Contemporary Arts, Relation, Art, Artists


The concept of gender is an important issue that has been over-emphasized in recent years with an increasing rate of violence against human beings, is perhaps an important issue that needs to be addressed much more. The similarity of the terms, gender and sex, suggests that these two concepts are the same. The elimination of this mistake and the transformation of the position into a conscious awareness are carried out with the awareness of social responsibility with contributions in different disciplines. At this point, an evaluation can be made on art and the social function of art can be mentioned because the art is an important way of communicating collective messages through the artists by their works. In the 20th century, and especially since the second half of the century, the content of art is as important as the aesthetic appreciation and this point can be seen at the art practices which multidisciplinary approaches get to the forefront. In this paper, the way of expression of the concept of gender in contemporary art has been researched through the social function of art. The methods of this work depend on literature and artwork sample researches. And the concept of gender has been primarily addressed. This concept has been studied in terms of art works, disciplines, forms of expression, and works of artists who find meaning and overlap. And the results show that the concept of gender has found its place in contemporary arts.




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Akdemir, N. (2017). Gender and Its Representation in Contemporary Arts. European Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies, 2(7), 11–22.