Marketing in Insurance Industry, Marketing Functions in Insurance Industry


  • Besnik Zekaj Public University “Haxhi Zeka"



Marketing in Insurance Industry, Insurance Market, Insurance Company.


According to the logic of economic laws of market economy, the existence of enterprises is determined by it as to organize and realize the sale of their products and services. So, insurance companies or companies in this case can only exist if developed, increasing their activities in the field of insurance services that offer their clients. The need for marketing development in the field of insurance as service activities, in economic conditions of today's market it is necesery increase, so even the functioning of the insurance market today depends on the marketing of products that insurnace companies offer customers through insurance market. In theoretical terms it is defined as the marketing concept of the market, management and leadership in the company, which instead of former production orientation, the orientation of the market inaugurates the general policy of the enterprise. Marketing plays a key role in insurance market to meet supply and demand, because insurance products are products that are not seen, not touched, but exist only in the form of pledges. Selling a promise requires a confidence, a belief that the service provider will be realized if the loss will occur. In any other economic or economic subject, whether manufacturer or service does not have such kind of product. Marketing insurance plays a manifold, on the one hand made product promotion security, then raise the awareness of citizens about models of protection from risks , increased reliability to consumers , the cost of paying for the promise given by the insurer if a loss occurs will accomplished.







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