Monitoring and Evaluating the Performance of Teachers Through the Process of Observation in the Classroom


  • Lon Laska University Colege ”FAMA” in Prishtina



observation, the process of data collection, performance, evaluation.


When we discuss about the framework of the teaching hour, we can conclude that it is the main axis of the work of teachers in the school institutions. However, during the recent years it has been a subject of discussion the idea that learning timeframe has changed in all its dimensions or aspects. Then, the question arises as to how much really the class teaching has changed so far? What’s the professional level of preparedness of the teachers, in order to achieve a successful teaching hour? In this regard though, the evaluation of a teaching class, it should not only be done by the competent persons, but they must be also prepared in all the professional aspects. In this paper we will not talk about the learning and observation process in itself as a method of teaching and learning, but we will be focused mainly on the observation which is performed by the monitoring inspectors, the school director etc. during the teaching and educational process. The observation as a method it has mainly been used to supplement and verify the accuracy of the other methods. So far, the monitoring teamwork should pay attention to the process of observation, by including all the facts, the situations and aspects that are associated with the monitoring facilities, including all necessary aspects that help us find the truth and accuracy of the issues that we are being interested at.The methods, techniques and strategies enable us to objectively monitor and evaluate, in an effective and useful way, therefore the planning and methodology, as well as their use, are the main "pillars" of monitoring / evaluation of teaching performance. Thus, these methods and techniques enable us collecting relevant data and information, which are related to the performance of teachers on the basis of the measures and actions for corrections, improvements, promotions, incentives, licensing and full accountability. What methods, techniques and strategies we are going to use, it depends on the type of our monitoring and evaluation objectives. Also, it depends on whether we are dealing with the external or internal monitoring and evaluation process. In this paper we will try to present the observation method, such as an effective method for collecting data and evaluating the work of teachers. We will also examine some of the key aspects of observation: the observation planning, preparation, monitoring, the undergoing process of observation and the analysis after observation




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