Family and Its Role in a Healthy Education of Adolescent


  • Dritan Ceka European University of Tirana
  • Prof. as. dr. Fatmir Vadahi
  • Msc. Anila Jaku



family, education, health, adolescent, health behaviors


Over the centuries the family is going through constant transformations as a result of the continuous process of evolution. It forms its shape under the conditions of life which dominate in a certain place and a certain time. Family in our country, has quickly changed with the social changes that are characteristic of our historical period of transition given the circumstances as a society we have experienced. Society regardless stages of its transformation or transition from one system to another, can not evade what is the basis of the continuation of its journey educating seed with acceptable norms of morality, education and culture necessary for the conduct of civilized life. Today there are several factors that affect adolescents and education. Today our Society in facing various difficulties in the education of their offspring. As in Albania and Montenegro today we rise or schooled teenagers in conditions completely different from their predecessors fathers and mothers. Today the competent authorities do not exercise their influence in Institutions of education enough so the family is difficult to educate teens genuine requirements Notwithstanding her desire that their offspring be better. Today in the vicinity of schools have full local where sold alcoholic beverages and tobacco. Given the fact that this problem among adolescents in Ulcinj and Shkodra did not take one by a survey earlier this issue we decided to develop a questionnaire research with adolescents in these two cities close to the geography, but in different states with a not distant geographical longitude.




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Ceka, D., Prof. as. dr. Fatmir Vadahi, & Msc. Anila Jaku. (2016). Family and Its Role in a Healthy Education of Adolescent. European Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies, 1(2), 330–340.