Corruption, the Challenge for Kosovo Institutions


  • Reshat Maliqi Kosovo Police Colonel



corruption, prevention and fight against corruption, working methods, challenges, reasons, prevention, Kosovo


The subject as per work, corruption, the challenge for Kosovo institutions, is broadly and actual theme that covers the theoretical and practical treatment. The corruption, which has been described as using the public power for certain purposes, is a very complex subject. Stands for the characteristics of many societies and states and for the last couple of years it has been understood as in great form present phenomenon within the countries in transition, within those which are undeveloped as well as with developed ones, and stands for an obstacle for democracy implementation. From a systematically point of view, corruption has caused, and it continues to do so, many concerns in all countries on Earth, and especially in Kosovo. In accordance to Transparency International report, corruption is one of the biggest challenges of contemporary world. The aim of the importance of studying of this problem through this subject is identifying the scope, structure and dynamics of this phenomenon; to analyse overall impact of general factors. In accordance to identification of corruption problems, local and international reports with of high level of this kind of criminal act, among other areas as well as per security issues, corruption has been seen as serious wound for our society. The justification of this work is logical consequence of corruption phenomenon in the Republic of Kosovo. The reason, consequences and the fight against the corruption is always the subject of numerous researches and conversation between researches, politicians and other actors dealing with this problem, not leaving aside the segment of civil society. These problems stand for the subject of study of this work from my point of view with the purpose of sharing the overall concern due to this phenomenon. During this study many different methodologies will be used, as well as the methodology of analyses of cases of corruption, method of comparative analyses, comparative methodology and statistical method of creation and fight against the corruption in Kosovo from 2012 – 2104. For fight and suppression of corruption, the society and institutions in Kosovo, among the prevention measures, would have to implement so far reached measures in criminalistics in accordance to contemporary trends in secure management. The final aim of this work is practical use of its results and statistics in society’s efforts to prevent, to limit or to eliminate the corruption phenomenon in Kosovo




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