International Child Abduction in Civil Matters Pursuant to Kosovo Legislation


  • Nehat Drizi Universiteti Europian i Tiranes



Child abduction, child return, procedure, law, measures.


Migration and settlement of Kosovo citizens, whether on individual basis or family groups in other countries, amongst others, have also caused the problem of international child abduction. This abduction was done by one of the parents or a temporary guardian. Although cases involving international child abuse have practically occurred, children have not been protected lacking legal provisions. For the first time in Kosovo, this matter was regulated by promulgation of UNMIK Regulation no. 2004/29 on Protection against International Child Abduction dated 05 August 2004. Pursuant to Kosovo legislation the child abduction shall mean removal or retention of a child which constitutes breach of rights of custody attributed to a person or any other body, under the law of the State in which the child was habitually resident immediately before the removal or retention. Hereby it is intended to recon in aspects of international child abduction and their prompt return from Kosovo to the Requesting State, the child return procedures and cases from the court practice. The court authorities having jurisdiction set forth by law, shall implement the child return procedures once the legal conditions are met, and for the purpose of such implementation, they may issue different measures. The Basic Court of Pristina shall have exclusive first instance jurisdiction in Kosovo. The Ministry of Justice being the central authority shall carry out the administrative procedure for a voluntary return of the child to the Requesting State.




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