Human Right Education as Part of Education for Democracy: the Case of Albania


  • Gent Sinani



Human right education,democracy,Albania


With the overthrow of the dictatorial communist regime, in Albania were created opportunities for discussing theoretical - practical human rights. The most typical periods when the man clearly raises and cut the question, "How to live in a dignity?", are periods of great social turmoil. Given this premise, the study embraces some of the most important issues of discussion and the concrete reality of the implementation of human rights in the Albanian reality. Human rights are rights that protect individuals and allow them to live with dignity protected from arbitrary of the state, or any other authority. Human life is an irreversible and therefore human rights constitute a "sacred" space, an unalienable individual sphere. This is why human rights rise to the level of fundamental valuation criteria of democracy and the legitimacy of a government. Given the historical circumstances of the development of democracy in Albania, discussion and attempts to put them in life, should be one of the essential features of education of new generations and youth activity itself. Attracting youth in daily discussion and efforts for the realization of human rights, is an imperative of our democratic life. The study is oriented towards younger generations, especially for the young student as the most emancipated youth, to become a participant in the activity of building a democratic state of law.




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Sinani, G. (2016). Human Right Education as Part of Education for Democracy: the Case of Albania. European Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies, 1(2), 132–137.